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Contemporary Dance Classes Sydney

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Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary is an earthy dance style combining ballet technique and naturalistic movement. 

The style can be traced back to the 20th century, when American dancer Isadora Duncan abandoned ballet in favour of developing a more fluid method of dancing. She cited the ocean as the spring of inspiration for her personal style of movement. She believed the solar plexus was the source of all movement.  The solar plexus consists of a cluster of nerves in the upper middle region of the abdomen and the 120 muscles that support the spine.

Contemporary dance combines the strict legwork of ballet with the torso and floorwork of modern dance. Contemporary covers a broad range of styles. Today contemporary is often closely linked to styles such as rock and roll, hip hop, electro and jazz. 

The Next Step Performing Arts prides itself on delivering performing arts training at the highest level. Our students will be pleased to know that’s no different for our contemporary dance classes. 

Students will receive training in contemporary dance with influences from ballet, jazz and modern pushing the boundaries in commercial and traditional contemporary styles.

Guided by world-class teachers, experts and mentors. We encourage individual style and expression whilst focusing on developing technique, and movement quality with an emphasis on style, rhythm and proper execution of body isolation, line and progressions.

Students can enjoy our newly renovated facilities. These offer:  

  • 5 fully air conditioned studios (with viewing windows and CCTV) 
  • two of Sydney’s largest production rooms 
  • bathroom and shower facilities, 
  • a kitchenette 
  • a room for students to prepare for contemporary dance classes.

You can rest easy knowing that you are in the capable hands of our world class faculty. Our faculty have been hand selected to bring the highest quality contemporary dance training to our students.

Want to take the next step? 

We offer classes for students aged 3 and over. Contact our wonderful team today to enrol in a contemporary dance class.

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