Steps for enrolling online:

  1. From the timetable select the classes you’d like to enrol in. If you are enrolling more than 1 student, you need to select ALL of the classes that these students will be registering for in this step. Simply click on the class and select the button for “Add Class”. Keeping adding classes until you have selected all those you’d like to enrol in and then select “Continue to Enrollment”.

  2. Complete the Customer Details section with the parent/guardians information that would like receive enrolment confirmation and invoicing.

  3. Complete the Student Details section with the dance student/s details. If you are registering more than one dancer, you will be prompted to add another dancer after pressing save from the first student’s details.

  4. If you entered more than one student’s details, you will next be prompted to assign the selected classes from step 1 to the relevant dancer.

  5. Please ensure you read and agree to the terms and conditions before submitting your registration.