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Megan Bolton, of Sydney Australia, has been performing for twenty-four years. She has explored acrobatics in the form of gymnastics, sports acrobatics and now as a performing artist. Competitively, Megan has represented Australia in gymnastic acrobatics, including two Junior World Championships, two Senior World Championships, Hungarian open and qualification for the World Age Games in Japan. This is the highest number of World Championship representations by any Australian acrobat. Her finest placing was 5th in the world at the 2000 Senior World Championships in Poland. Her competitive experience takes the form of the top position (flyer) in women’s pairs, women’s trio and mixed pairs. Within Australia she was number one for more than seven years. Upon retiring, she received the most prestigious award from the Gymnastics Australia Commission, which acknowledges athletes who have reached the international highest level within their chosen gymsport. Megan has taught, coached and mentored thousands of children and adults over the past 12 years. She focuses on a russian style of teaching gymnastics and acrobatics based on her previous training, currently recognised methods and her co-workers experienced coaching (Russian, American and Australian olympic gymnastics coach).  She is accredited by Gymnastics NSW.