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Naomi Hibberd

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Naomi Hibberd

Naomi Hibberd

Naomi is a highly experienced dancer and choreographer and winner of the Charlotte Kirkpatrick and Dance Archers Award. She has performed with many dance companies including The National Dance Theatre of Australia; Theatre of Image; Opera Australia; Dance Academy The Movie; Twisted Element Dance Company; Hanging Around Co; Untitled Collective; Exhibition Road Show; Balbir Singh Dance Co and Rambert Dance Company. She was appointed a principal dancer for Didy Veldman‘s Peter and the Wolf European Tour and has worked with renowned choreographers Graeme Murphy, Lucas Jervis, Omer Backley-Astrachan and Mark Baldwin to name a few. As a choreographer Naomi has created and performed works for The Strand Arcade, Adobe Symposium, Affectors and music video’s for artist Paul Mac, Lisa Mitchell and Silamor.