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The Next Step Performing Arts RTO CODE # 45449 is proud to present TNSPA.PROFESSIONAL & TWE - The Winters Experience.  TNSPA.PROFESSIONAL is a 1 or 2 Year Fulltime performing arts course where you will receive a CUA51520 Diploma in Professional Dance (Elite Performance) or CUA60120 Advanced Diploma

in Professional Dance. This course is designed for young artists looking at creating a career in the performing arts industry.

TNSPA.PRO is an exclusive artist development course. Our training is elite both physically and mentally, we help young performers find their place in the industry, and most of all their drive to lead them into the professional world. This course is versatile in its design, innovative in its style and taught by industry leaders. TNSPA.PRO is a journey and a true process of self-discovery.


We deliver the highest level of performing arts training. Guided by world-class teachers, experts and mentors in all areas of the entertainment industry. Training with a holistic approach, we pride ourselves on creating a very supportive, creative and productive working environment to guide students in reaching their potential.


We have developed our full-time course alongside leading pioneers in the entertainment industry. Our course has been designed to adequately prepare students by providing the most current industry knowledge and skills.


If you are willing to put in the hard work both physically & mentally, while under our guidance, mentorship and training our TNSPA.PROFESSIONAL course is for you. Don't miss this revolution in training that works the mind, body, and spirit of the artist within!


We will be auditioning and only accepting a passionate and dedicated group of students with the desire for a career within the entertainment industry. This is an elite course with limited spaces available.

The Next Step Performing Arts is a registered training organization offering Nationally Recognised qualifications to students studying fulltime. 

RTO CODE: 45449 

RTO NAME: The Next Step Performing Arts

Becoming our own Registered Training Organisation has given us the creative freedom and  allowed us to write our own Course that is delivered exclusively to TNSPA.PROFESSIONAL students. 

It is a course like no other!

Are you ready to take The Next Step?
Plan your career today by joining our pre professional fulltime performing arts course.


• We are an exclusive full-time performing arts course offering elite training to a chosen group of students.

• All students will be personally mentored by all faculty.

• You will not be a number in our course

• The specialised training has been developed to create a personal branding for all students completing the course.

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