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Monday 5th February 2024 - Saturday 10th February 2024

If you would like to visit The Next Step Performing Arts we are offering a free trial week to all new students that want to experience the program at TNSPA.

Once you have trialled the classes you can discuss your performing arts development.

Simply drop your details in the form below to secure your place in our free trial week. 


I understand that trial classes are under The Next Step Performing Arts "love it or it's free guarantee". This means that if my child trials a class/es and they don't love the class when they try it I won't be charged for the class, however, for any classes that my child does enrol in I will be charged for the trial class week as the first week.

Take the next step in your performing arts development and train in the most diverse program in Australia taught by industry leading instructors. 

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