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TNSPA.COLLEGE is a performing arts high school for dedicated students in years 9 - 12 who are looking at creating a career in the performing arts industry. 

Does your child want to excel in both Academics & Performing arts? 

Our performing arts college runs in conjunction with our TNSPA.PROFESSIONAL full-time performing arts course. 


Our training is elite both physically and mentally, we help young performers find their place in the industry, and most of all their drive to lead them into the professional world.


Our courses have been designed to equip students with all the knowledge, power and skills both physically and mentally to step into the next stage of their performing arts journey.


Students will succeed in reaching their personal everyday goals while working towards their vision and plan for the future.


Our TNSPA.COLLEGE Students are tutored by our fulltime fully qualified School Teacher that works with students personally on a daily bases. 

Additionally students take part in our TNSPA.PRO fulltime classes throughout the day and The Next Step Performing Arts part time classes at night.


Their academic program is run through a distance education provider that we believe is appropriate to achieve the correct desired outcome for each individual student which is discussed upon enrolment. 

We will be auditioning and only accepting a small passionate and dedicated group of students with the desire to pursue career within the entertainment industry. This is an elite program with limited spaces available.



Are you ready to take The Next Step?
Plan your career by joining TNSPA.COLLEGE Today!

Email us now for audition information & Fee structure: 

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